In-Home Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention of Falls

Our website, here at SureSteps, Inc. is designed to help you learn what you can do to reduce your risk for falling so that you can continue to enjoy safe mobility in your home and community. It also introduces you to SureSteps, Inc., a private physical and occupational therapy practice that has served Raleigh and Wake County since 1999.  While our primary specialty encompasses the evaluation, treatment and prevention of falls, we are also generalist geriatric occupational and physical therapists, skilled in treating a wide range of disabilities associated with aging.

Falls have serious functional consequences among our older population. They can result in serious injury, causing pain and suffering.  The injury we worry about most often is a hip fracture, but falls can also cause other broken bones, including at the shoulder, the wrist, or spine. If the head is hit in the fall, bleeding into the brain may occur, the consequences of which may not be evident for several days. Serious cuts can occur resulting in blood loss and the need for sutures. Falls can result in a loss of independence, even requiring a move to a setting providing more expensive care such as a nursing home.

One or more falls can lead to a fear of falling so that the individual starts to restrict mobility in an attempt to reduce the chance of falling again.  Unfortunately, restriction of mobility usually has the opposite effect, leading to further loss of strength and balance and actually increasing the risk for falling in the long run.

We hope the information provided here will help you to feel more confident that you can reduce your risk of falling and enjoy maximum safe mobility as you age.